Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"No Photos"

Arts In The Round

Taking pictures of the Fine Art and the displayed photos of the photographers in the many booths on the grounds was not encouraged. Most had "No Photos" signs prominently displayed!  So be it!

As the perimeters were walked I noticed this reflection in the round glass of an event building. Nary a "No Photos" sign in sight!

Must say! 
In no way did the "No Photos" signs take away from the wonderful Art that I was privileged to view. The photographers work is a sight to behold! The bar seems to be raised each and every year I visit. Just Amazing!


  1. i like the rounded exterior. glad you enjoyed the art!

  2. I like this shot! You got a great reflection. I would have never thought to take that photo and it would have been a missed opportunity.

  3. I got to visit this place in the near future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I really like visiting exhibits such as this, much interesting art to be seen and many interesting ideas for future reference. Interesting reflections you've captured in this photo!

  5. I never have understood the "No Photos" command. "No Photos with flash" is understandable, but it always disappoints me. Isn't looking at art a pleasure? Even more so if it can be appreciated later by a photograph!

  6. I really like reflection photos. Very nice shot Parker.


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