Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aaron's Idea

I think he just wanted to see if I would lay down on the ground to get a shot.
We went back out to get some more eagle shots this morning. I haven't looked at everything I took but this may be my best shot of the day. Shooting birds is a lot more difficult when they won't get close and smile for the camera!


  1. Like this shot a lot! Composition and subject matter, along with the exposure settings, produced an appealing image. Good work!

  2. I agree, very nice photo! Well worth the effort on your part.

  3. I know you didn't lay down for this one. If you had I wouldn't have let you back in my truck because you would have laid down in the lake. lol It did turn out very nicely. I think you had me put up all of my camera equipment just so you could get some better photos than me.


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