Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Aaron got a tip about an eagle's nest about ten miles from my house so we took a short trip to the location last night and weren't disappointed in what we saw. With the leaves on the trees still pretty sparse, spotting the nest was easy since it was HUGE!
There was a young eagle in the nest once we got to where we could get some photos. You can see his head peeking out over the nest in this first photo.

Stretching his wings.

Getting shots of the two adult eagles around the nest proved more difficult. It seems they knew where the sun was and made a point to always be flying so we would have to shoot into the sun.

These photos didn't come out that well because we were shooting into the sun near sunset and we just couldn't get close enough. These were shot with the Nikon D700 (faster frame rate than the D800) and a Sigma 150-500mm lens and the photos are cropped about 50%. ISO was set at 2000 just to get a faster shutter speed.
We're going to head back out there early on Saturday morning to see if we can get some better photos with the sun behind us.


  1. Great find, and so near where you are too! Yes Eagle nests are huge some easily 6 feet across.

    Under the circumstances I'd have to say you got some pretty darn good Eagle pictures! Looking forward to seeing more from the nest and area.

  2. i'd be thrilled just to see them.

  3. Nice! Well worth the drive just for the shots you got! Hopefully on the next trip the sun will be right and they will give you guys a good view!

  4. Your photos turned out a lot better than mine. I need more ZOOM!!


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