Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fern fiddle heads

Three of the many types of ferns that grow in this temperate rain forest I call home over here on the West Coast. By the end of summer the larger species of ferns can form bushes over 6 feet high!


  1. Lots of detail. I really like the second shot.

  2. Easy to see how they got their names. Curious things grow in your rain forest? Well illustrated captures of the Fiddle Heads!

  3. Are these the ones you see in grocery stores to eat?

    You say ferns so not sure if this kind would be eaten?

    You say many types so not knowing. This is why I ask.

    1. The fern in the top photo I know is edible and I have collected and eaten them in the past. The other two are not. A person needs a good plant identification field guide before trying wild plants like this.


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