Sunday, May 26, 2013


Guess she was guarding the house from mice Egyptian style... Ha ha!

Starting to get into some nice Spring weather over here on the Coast. A little rain now and then and plenty enough Sun to fill in between times. Perfect weather for massive growth by the lawn anyway!


  1. She *does* look like the Sphinx! Did she ask you a riddle? And what a fine sleepy face in the sun.

  2. What a cool cat she is. Nice pose; seems everything they do is just what they intended!

  3. Looks like she was enjoying sunbathing! Cats always seem to sit in the most uncomfortable looking ways. As long as she in content is all that matters.

  4. When cats releax they really look relaxed. Laying in the sun with no stress, I could go for a few days (or weeks) like that.


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