Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mystery Eagle

We found this guy sitting among a colony of prairie dogs. Not sure if he was just resting or hunting. 

After a short period of time he grew tired of the tourist and took to the air. I tried to identify this eagle but could not come up with a clear cut decision on what kind it was. It might be a immature Golden Eagle?


  1. Both shots are good but the bottom photo is really nice! You got him just as he was turning into the sun.

  2. Interesting find! Nice pictures too especially the one in flight.

    You sure this is an Eagle? On a hunch I had a look through a bird book I have and would suspect this might be an immature Swainson's Hawk. The underwing light dark pattern is almost a perfect match with the picture in my book though the body coloring isn't as well defined as your picture. Hard to tell though.

  3. Finding birds of prey while out in the field always makes for a good day!

  4. What ever kind he is, he's a beauty!


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