Sunday, May 12, 2013

American Avocet

While waiting for the eagles to come closer, we had a few smaller birds fly by from time to time. This is a American Avocet, also known as the blue shanks, due to its blue legs. He wasn't shy at all and flew within 20 feet of us, and did some fishing. Usually the part of the lake we were at has about 5- 10 feet of water in it, but due to the drought we have been experiencing the water was only a few inches deep, which made for easy fishing for the shore birds.


  1. Beautiful shore bird, never seen one up my way.

    Nice clear pictures!

  2. Thanks for the ID! It's a colorful bird with distinct markings as your nice shots show so well.

  3. Those came out nice, bright and clear. Which lens were those taken with?

    I'm glad you went to the trouble to ID the bird. I would have just said "pretty bird in the water". LOL

  4. Nice bird.. Beautuful colors.. Congrats and regards..


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