Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looking For A Breeze

Kinetic Art

Usually finding a breeze is no problem here in the plains of central Oklahoma. On this day of the OKC Arts Fest wind was in short supply, leaving this wind catcher motionless!


  1. that is so cool! always reminds me of the movie 'twister', though (which is sad after last night's activity)

    1. The loss of life from the tornado outbreak in Granbury was tragic. My thoughts are with them as they begin to rebuild their lives. Always enjoyed visiting the pretty town. My cousin was a Minister there for several years.

  2. "Becalmed" is the term used for a sailboat on a windless day... I'll bet that sculpture is really quite the attention grabber on a breezy day! Sure some interesting stuff you've posted from the OKC Arts Festival.

  3. Pretty fancy yard art! Just something else I would have to weedeat around! LOL

  4. Don't know where you are located, Parker, but I've been watching the news and hope that you are FAR away from the tornadoes. Stay safe!!


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