Sunday, May 5, 2013

Osprey Overhead

When Aaron and I were trying to get photos of the ospreys there were a couple of times that one would fly directly over us. This shot was taken using the Nikon D700 and the Sigma 150-500mm lens at 500mm. The bird was directly over head and I was shooting straight up. This is the photo as it was taken with no cropping what so ever.
As a side note. For those of you interested in photo software you will be interested to know that the NIK software has come down drastically in price. Aaron made me aware of this fact this week. Google bought out NIK and is now selling the software, the full version which used to cost over $500, for a measly $150!! Apparently there are some coupon codes you can find on the internet that will save you another $20 on top of that.
If you've ever wanted this software now is the time to get it (Paul, are you paying attention?). Aaron also told me about a free version that is an app for the android phones called snap seed. I downloaded that to Cheryl's tablet today so I could use it when she's not looking.


  1. just love their feather detail.

  2. I hope you didn't fall back after this shot! LOL.
    Now you know why you need a Wimberley tripod head.

    1. I ordered a gimbal head last Friday Q!

      Unfortunately I wouldn't have gotten the shot if the camera was on a tripod. This bird was directly overhead and I almost did fall over trying to get the shot. LOL

  3. Great shot Ron! Really like the detail as TexWes pointed out and I also like how the light filters through the outer wing feathers.

    Interesting about the NIK software, I think I'll have to download snap seed to my phone and see what it has to offer. Thanks for the heads up Ron and Aaron!

  4. Good shot of the Osprey. Nice detail from the uncropped capture. The birds of prey are a personal favorite of mine!


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