Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy as a... Pollinator

Very busy time of year for the bees and other pollinators. Found this bee and a half dozen others checking each and every flower on several large Rhododendron bushes in front of my home. I'm sure between all of them each flower got checked several times!


  1. You're getting some really nice close ps with the new gear. Great detail and colors. But your title doesn't rhyme. LOL!

  2. WOW!! Very nice, I agree with Ron the combo you have is really paying off!

    1. Thanks Aaron. And the best part is the Nikon 18-300 lens seems to get it's sharpest results wide open so no messing around with small apertures or slow shutter speeds unless you are trying to get a large depth of field.
      I would highly recommend this lens for anyone with a Nikon DX size sensor camera.

  3. Busy time of year for the pollinators. Nice shot of one hard at work!


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