Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ankle Breakers

Better known as cobble stones in Oklahoma.
Some of the areas we hike in in the Wichita Mountains are covered with these stones. It makes it hard to look anywhere but down when you are walking.
And Paul, before you say anything, this was taken looking up the side of a hill and the horizon is supposed to slope down to the left. LOL


  1. Rough going to say the least. Even harder going when the grass has grown and covered them up where you can't see them!

    Good point on the angle of the horizon. Very few places in that country where it looks level. I've tried to straighten up scenery pics to a more level look but then they look odd. Just the way it is!lol

  2. looks like they would do a good job of breaking ankles too.


  3. Crooked horizon... Never even crossed my mind. Ha ha!

    I wouldn't want to be a farmer and have a field full of cobble stones like this!

  4. NOw that's a lot of rocks....
    Be sure to stop by my blog today and read it to the very end!! :)

  5. Holy moley...not a place where I would want to walk very often!


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