Saturday, May 25, 2013

First thing I thought...

Found myself in the "Bright Lights" of Vancouver last weekend and had the chance to play tourist for a couple of days. It was fun just wandering around taking pictures of this and that and so many neat little places to eat not to mention all the places I could have shopped if I was more into that. Though I did check out a couple of very nice camera stores.

Anyway back to the story... One afternoon while out playing tourist I came across this large as life bronze bull in front of some important building, probably a bank or something. First thing I thought was Parker would probably appreciate this, so I took a picture.


  1. Bulls and Parker seem to be synonymous now. LOL

  2. Well thanks Paul! (I Think?)
    This bronze Hereford is just the kind I will mess with from now on! (Maybe!)

  3. if he starts stamping his hoof and snorting, run!

  4. love that sculpture, but you're mean to parker! :)

  5. Nice statue but what I wonder is what's it doing in the middle of Vancouver.


  6. Unusual art piece for a city environment.


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