Thursday, May 9, 2013

Could have been America's Bird

Eagle shmeagle. lol. This should have been the national symbol if Benjamin Franklin would have had his way. Well as you can tell none of my eagles photos turned out good enough to be posted. These photos were taken while Ron and I were at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  He allowed me to use his Sigma 150-500mm lens the last day we were there. It came in handy when trying to capture photos of turkey because the are so skiddish. Hopefully we will both have a little better luck this weekend with the eagles. 


  1. Very nice captures! I especially like the middle photo.

    I recall hearing that about Mr. Franklin and Turkeys before. Imagine talking about the world super powers, The Dragon, The Bear and The Turkey... Ha ha!

    I'm thinking once Ron gets his new 500mm or 600mm f/2.8 lens he won't be needing the Sigma 150-500 so much.

  2. These came out pretty good. I really like the second one with the way the sun is lighting oup the tips of his tail.

  3. Always enjoy seeing the Turkeys during spring season. Quite the strutters are the Toms!


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