Monday, May 13, 2013

Point and Shoot

When Aaron and I were trying to get photos of the eagles we kept getting buzzed by these little fast moving swallows. Try as I might, I couldn't follow the swallows in the viewfinder of the camera because of all of the quick turns and dives they were doing.
Being a little bored at the time I decided to just hold the camera up and try to follow the birds in flight while holding down on the shutter release, not even using the viewfinder. After 8 different 16 shot bursts with the D700 I ended up with two frames that had a bird in focus and that is what you see here.


  1. Like little fighter jets! Thank goodness for digital... Imagine what it would have cost to get these pictures with film? Both nice pictures.

  2. Nice action froze shots of the little Buzz Bombs at work!


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