Monday, May 27, 2013

Cruise season again...

Pilot boat returning to Port Hardy

Diamond Princess heading south past the mouth of Hardy Bay

There are a number of Cruise Ships that do the Vancouver to Alaska Cruise each season. This is the Diamond Princess returning to Vancouver after just such a cruise. However a ships Pilot is required to be aboard before the large ship is allowed to make it's way through the narrow inside waters between Vancouver Island and the Mainland shore. The Pilot is placed aboard just north of Port Hardy on the Northern Tip of Vancouver Island where I live and stays with the large ship until it docks in Vancouver.


  1. Very sharp picture. We have been talking about taking a Alaskan cruise in near the future.

  2. Nice captures. Port Hardy gets to see a variety of seasonal ships and boats with it's location. Interesting place for photography!

  3. i just can't imagine steering / turning that behemoth ship...

  4. Along with the ships come the tourists! LOL

    We've talked about an Alaskan cruise since Alaska is the only state I haven't been to but with all of the things that have been going wrong with cruise ships lately and my lack of sea legs we may opt for a fly/drive trip instead!


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