Monday, May 13, 2013

Sitting on the fence...

Unlike Ron's point and shoot birds from yesterday this one held still long enough for me to take it's picture. I'm thinking it couldn't decide what to do... Ha ha! (Sitting on the fence, get it?)

Curious to know where the expression "Sitting on the fence" came from I looked it up and found this on Big Site of Amazing Facts

During the Revolutionary War, a prominent New Jersey jurist, Judge Imlay, hadn’t yet committed to either the revolutionaries or the loyalists.
So when Washington encountered one of Imlay’s slaves he asked him which way the judge was leaning. He replied, “Until my master knows which is the strongest group, he’s staying on the fence.”
Washington was so amused by the response that he retold it enough times for it to become part of our language.

Who would have known?


  1. Nice shot of the little fence sitter. Neat story to go with, 'pure americana'!

  2. You're too funny! That is a nice little bit of history though.


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