Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Observation!

Risky Business!

Sitting in my sunroom having coffee one morning just after daylight.  I found this Male Finch in a Heck of a Pickle! He's the one with the Red Face.

The hatched youngsters had just Flew the Coop!

Seemed to me He was getting the "What For" from both of the girls on either side of him.

Beings I don't talk Bird: Just took a pic thru the window! Mr. Redface will have to do his own 'Splaining'!!! 


  1. Very nice picture even if it was through a window and I love your commentary to go with!

  2. He may be a bit uncomfortable because of the bill-lashing he is getting from the two females, but he certainly is a handsome dude and obviously had attracted them initially. I think he'll do just fine!!

  3. Kind of reminds me of my younger, single days!


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