Monday, July 15, 2013

Star Trails, Lightning Bugs and the Milky Way

 As you know Ron was gone for a few days so I borrowed his other D300. I set mine up with my 17-55mm F2.8 lens up on a time lapse to do star trails and took his with my 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 and took other photos while I waited for the other camera to do its thing. 
This shot is with the 18-135mm @ f3.5 and a 20 second exposure. I used a led flashlight to light the bridge.
 These two are taken with the 17-55 @ f2.8 and a 20 second exposure. The larger aperture really allows for more of the Milky Way to show up in the photo. The cabin is actually lit up by the running lights on my truck when I left to go get Ron's other camera.
This is a 100 picture composite, stacked in StarStax program. Same settings as the above picture. I used a led flashlight to light the cabin and then the running lights on my truck also lit it up part way through the process of taking the photos. There were a lot of lightning bugs out that night and a few of them show up in the picture as yellow streaks. 


  1. These are really COOL! I love them all. I'm not sure which of the two cabin shots I like best. Again, everyone of these are keepers and printable. Very nice job!

  2. Great variation of night shooting techniques in these four pictures, you've really been doing your homework when it comes to photography after dark!

    Love that last shot!

  3. Impressive! Night Time comes alive in your works!


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