Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Val-Tex Enigma

Man, it's tough pleasing two women at the same time, especially at my age! LOL
OK, so how do I post photos from Hawaii for Val and keep Tex interested too? I use photos from paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) country.
This first shot was taken along the Piilani Highway, pronouned hi- way, yea, yea, I was just seeing if you were paying attention. It's pronounced pee-ee-la-nee highway and this was taken on the Kaupo Ranch near Lapehu Point on the south side of Maui.

This was taken in upcountry on Maui near the Tedeschi Vineyards on Kula Highway. I'm told their wine is very good. Unfortunately I can't tell you from first hand knowledge because I'm more of a cold beer kind of guy.


  1. well, bit thumbs up from me on this post!!! :D

    (okay, butthead, your comment just came thru my email as i was about to hit 'publish' on this...)

  2. You're just too easy Tex! LOL

  3. Love the character tree...roots and all.


  4. Nice pictures, especially like that tree in the bottom picture though I couldn't tell you what it's name is.

    If you happen to have any Whistling Duck pictures from Hawaii you will have TexWisGirl's undivided attention!

  5. All this bantering is giving me the giggles. Now Q is adding his Kauai photos to the lot. Tex, I think you're in for it. Paul, there's some nene over at my hubby clinic I'll try to get a shot of them :)

  6. Great shots, Ron! I like the exposed roots on that tree.

  7. Like these shots of the Ranch lands. Country looks like it could use a little rain!


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