Monday, July 22, 2013

Fireworks fun!

Last night in Port Hardy they had a nice fireworks display, the end of a two day celebration called FILOMI Days. FI is for Fishing, LO is for Logging and MI is for Mining which are or were anyway the three main employers for the Town of Port Hardy.

Before I headed into town to watch the display I went on the internet to get a couple of pointers for capturing firework pictures. Sure enough all the sites said you have to use a tripod... Anyway long story short, Shutter 8 to 30 seconds, aperture f/8 to f/16, ISO 100, manual focus at infinity and use a remote control.

And this last picture is for Ron


  1. Thanks Paul! I'll take any kind of palm tree I can get!

    These are great shots. You got some really nice colors in all of them. So you actually used a tripod??? LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing your homework! Seems the recipe was on the money!

  3. Very clean shots. Thanks for sharing!


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