Friday, July 12, 2013

Late Night Photography

I have been a little absent from posting a commenting lately due to a change at work. Everyone has been taking some great photos though and I really enjoy getting to see all of them. I did get a chance to go take some photos after I got off work at 2 am. There were storms passing to the north and south of town here, so I speed home and grab the camera gear and went storm chasing towards the south. I ended up next to the water tower, being that it was on a higher point in the country side. All if the lower three shots are composite shots.

This one is 9 different exposures stack on top of each other. The bottom two shots are 4 shot composites. All are varying lengths of exposures. 


  1. The power and drama that nature produces in a lightning storm on the Plains is a sight to behold. In fact; just like these pics. Good work!

  2. I can see you've really been doing your homework on how to capture a good picture depending on what you are shooting at.

    Your composite captures of the lightning are spectacular and I really like the way the first photo turned out too!

  3. All are good photos but the first two are really great. I like the lighting on the water tower and clouds in the first shot. Definitely a keeper!


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