Thursday, July 18, 2013

One Particular Harbor

Any guesses?
Yes, that's right, this is in Hawaii, Lahaina on Maui to be exact. Q's trip has me daydreaming of palm trees and sunsets, and maybe a mai tai or two!


  1. figured now that val's over there for good, you'd be getting the plans in order...

  2. oh Lovely . Now tell me I suggested my daughter and hubby next year to go to this place Hawii. Now they love the beaches big time. Do they have beaches so they can swim in plus great sand and sun tan all the hut shelters of head coverings beaches provide?

    Or would places like Greece for a 25th be better plan?

    I hate to open my mouth and say oh Hawii is the groovy place of sun and beaches and it is not.

    1. Hello Sparkle!

      You can never go wrong with Hawaii. They have great beaches including white sand, black sand and even a couple of red sand beaches. All of the beaches in Hawaii are open to the public no matter if they are in front of a big resort , a million dollar mansion or at one of the local parks.

      The water doesn't get much better in Hawaii as far as I'm concerned. It is very clear and warm and there are tropical fish everywhere. If they are going to Maui then they should try to go during whale season, mid December to mid March with the better viewing in January and February. Other than that, any timeof the year is a great time to go to Hawaii.

      Hawaii is DEFINITELY a "groovy place" of sun, beaches and water.

  3. Just had to bring Hawaii up again... Ha ha!

    Palm trees, beautiful blue skies, aqua water and sailboats, perfect ingredients for a great picture, nice shot!

  4. Nice! Lots of slick boats anchored at Dramamine Docks! LOL


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