Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Grind.

Add this one in this group since Ron asking about it.


  1. These are superb!! The bottom one is really great. What lens were you using for that one?

    And how come you're not in any of these photos? LOL

    1. 24-70mm. All these pictures were cropped about 30-50%.

  2. Great action shots, Lots happening in the first picture but I especially like the way that third shot worked out!

    Now that paddle boarding would be my style of playing on a board in the water...

  3. LOL! I'm with Paul on this one, I think paddle boarding is about all I could handle too! Although, Cheryl is trying to talk me into taking surfing lessons our next trip so you never know!

  4. The girl in the third shot cuts a mean swirl riding her board. Q you need to pick up the action just a little in your shot! LOL

    Nice shots!


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