Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Red Crossbill (loxia curvirostra)

Spotted this most interesting bird this afternoon so I took it's picture. I was feeling a little sorry for the poor thing with it's deformed bill until I went looking in my bird book this evening to see just what kind of bird it was... They all have this kind of deformed bill, who would have known!

The above picture is a 25% crop out of the original picture taken with the Nikon 18-300 lens at 300mm handheld.


  1. yup, perfect bills for getting into pine cones and the like. :)

  2. Really a nice pic for handheld and a big crop. Almost looks like Spanish Moss hanging from it's perch?

    1. This is "Usnea" or "Old Man's Beard" similar in appearance to Spanish Moss but an altogether different plant.

      Usnea is quite the remarkable lichen! Copy and paste this into your browser it's a good article on Old Man's Beard.


  3. The shot cropped out nicely. I like the "beard" stuff hanging in the tree. Saw a lot of the Spanish Moss growing in Mobile , Alabama this trip. I think some of it came home with me on the top of my camper.


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