Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chicago in B&W.

John Hancock building. As I setting up my tripod for this shot, I got interrupted by a security guard.  He said, due to the safety of the people walking around the building, I can't use my tripod.  I'm totally agree with him, but asking nicely just let me get one shot only.  Well, I'm glad the exposure came out good on 15 sec. exposure with -10 stops Lee filter.

Bronze statute of a man trying getting a taxi cap.  If you visit Chicago, I'm highly recommended to stay at this hotel.  Beside the service, and the hotel room, the food is amazing.  


  1. I particulary love the first picture...
    Best regards,


  2. Looks like quite the place, I like how that first picture came out. You always do such good B&W photos!

  3. Sign of a true photographer! Had to work a little for that first shot! Way to go!
    Always heard that the Four Seasons was a special place to stay. Never stayed there but spent many nights over the years at the Hyatt on Whacker Drive!

    1. Thanks Parker! I was thinking about you when I saw a Route 66 begin sign on Michigan Ave. and Adams. I'm sorry that I didn't have my camera at the time to take the picture for you.

    2. Ah! Happy to see your out doing the Town. Long ways from Chicago to Santa Monica, Ca. I was born and raised on that historic road and still live on it! Thanks for remembering!

  4. Great B&W shots Q. I like the shot of the building a lot. It sounds like Chicago doesn't like tripods very much!


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