Friday, July 5, 2013

Solo Flight

Fat Worm!

Breakfast of Champions!

Green and Juicy!

Babies are Hungry!

Morning of July 3rd found our resident wrens hard at work trying to keep up with the hungry cheeping little ones that were born in the church house on the north porch. Best I can tell there are three of them. One fell out yesterday and the dog ate it before we could get to it. Needless to say but Josey Bell is in deep Doo-doo!  The Missus of the house gave that white little French Poodle a bath and somehow brushed it's teeth! Hope it wasn't my brush!

I Can Fly!

Independence Day, July 4th, found these Baby Wrens outside the nest and mustering up courage to begin their life of Freedom. I wish them Godspeed and envy their journey!

I'm Scared!

Seems you always have one that is a little reluctant to leave home. This one flew down and landed in the mulch. I crowded it just a little and it flew all the way to the trees. I believe it loved the flight!


Although the camera stopped all motion, this momma or poppa wren were all in a tizzy trying to keep up with this sudden Freedom Flight that possessed their babies.

How fitting that July 4th was the appointed day that we had the good fortune to see this Solo Flight to Freedom! God Bless!


  1. Pretty special to have seen this, even more so considering you were able to get some good pictures to go with!

  2. What a wonderful sequence of photos, as you watched and coached the tiny ones make their way into the big wide world. The photos and narrative are pretty special; I'm particularly fond of the adult with the work, trying to keep up with the hungry babes. I also like the shot of the reluctant and fearful baby.

    Had to laugh at some of your comments about my trip to Santa Fe. I'll try not to disappoint you; taking photos here is a pleasure because of all the remarkable images.

  3. First flight from home, I think we all remember what that was like. Great story and capture. Better head to the store for a new toothbrush, just in case. LOL

  4. so, so sweet! good luck, little ones!


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