Monday, July 15, 2013

No more monkeying around

At least for a few weeks. I'll have to be like everyone else and work for a while. Unless Q keeps sending me texts from Hawaii and then I may just have to jump on a plane and make him buy me a drink!
In case you're wondering, I actually took the photo of the gorilla with the plane and then photoshoped it into a picture of the Empire State Building I found on the web.
The gorrila was on top of a wax museum in Branson, MO.


  1. That looks AWESOME!!! Great job on the Photoshop.

  2. Great Photoshop work! Glad to see your back, I think everyone was getting kinda bored with my silly wildflower snapshots... Ha ha!

    Fortunately Aaron had some amazing night time lightning pictures and Q posted some spectacular images from Chicago!


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