Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Round 43

I am the sunset wizard afterall!
And a little Hawaiian humor just so Tex doesn't get bored.
This is a photo of a t-shirt I saw during our last trip.

Hey, I don't write the stuff, I just take the pictures.


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! that was worth 'tuning in' today...

  2. I like the colors on the first picture. Good timing there Ron!

  3. OMG...that t-shirt was too funny!!
    Gotta say that you and Q's photos of Hawaii put mine to shame. How in the world can I post my photos-I am such a novice!! Maybe I'll just have to post old Nebraska shots. LOL

  4. Beautiful sunset Ron!

    I'm pretty sure I've seen a t-shirt like that in the International Market Place in Waikiki!


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