Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Evening Dreaming

Into The Needles Eye
It was Canada Day, July the 1st. Evening was coming on as I was walking around my fifth wheel thinking about how nice it would be to be able to get away for a month or so. Might even go see our fellow poster Paul; he lives in Canada you know? Makes his home at the edge of the sea and rain forest. Has a nice family, a boat and two of the coolest dogs you could ask for!

Needle Is Threaded
Looking skyward one could see the contrail of a high flying northbound airliner. Also could see the possibility of a brilliant sunset in the making! Made me think of Ron and Cheryl who make their home up Kansas way these days. Ron is known for his sunset shots you know? Need to go see these good folks and get the nickle tour of the farm. Maybe Aaron could come out and give me some pointers on shooting star trails and night skies. Heck, I probably couldn't stay awake that late!

Oklahoma Skies
8:30 PM! The promise of a brilliant sunset was right on "Q" ! The colors remind me of the desert and canyon lands out west. Our Texas poster Quynh Le, can capture the colors of the desert southwest so well that you feel like you are there! Need to get down his way to meet up with him. Missed him two or three times  down at the Wichita Mountains. The camera is putty in his hands you know? Captures an image that will amaze you! Shares his trade secrets and is a great teacher!

Last Light
As the sun has almost set, the gloaming stage will be next. That time of day between sundown and dark. Some call it twilight! This is the time of day when dreaming peaks for me. One Day! But as dark arrives I come back to reality. This will not be the year. Responsibilities come first you know?

Good news here! Might be able to get away for a few days
to make a quick trip to the Wichitas come tuesday!
I realize it's the Hottest time of year; but I'm not going to look a gifted horse in the mouth!
 You know!


  1. i liked your tribute to your fellow posters. beautiful shots, parker. hope your getaway is manageable!

  2. I love your sunset pics Parker. One day all your dreams will come true.


  3. Great looking skies. I hope you get the chance to take your trip.

  4. Nice pictures and kind words, I sincerely hope your travel dreams come to fruition! I look forward to showing off my little corner of God's creation when you come to visit. (That goes for the rest of the Shutterbugs too!)

  5. You are a generous and loyal visitor to so many blogs. I hope that you can visit every one of those friends you mentioned. Life is short; go for it.

  6. Marvelous sky's shots....


  7. Very nice sky shots! I hope you get to get away soon. Cabin fever can be really tough! We'll be headed your way this fall and hopefully we can get together in the mountains, maybe even talk Q in to coming up for a couple of days.

    We may just have to meet Paul in Hawaii one day. LOL

  8. Parker I would really like to meet you in person also! Really enjoy your photos and beautiful sunset pictures. You have a nice way of narrating your photos and weaving a story into all of them.


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