Monday, July 29, 2013

The Bean.

 Directly from the bottom of the bean.

This place is very cool for photograph, but you need to get there early between 6-7 am if you don't want people in your picture.


  1. oh, your 2nd shot is fabulous! have never seen it that way before (probably because too many people are usually crowded around it!)

  2. How about a smile there Q. YOu look like you got up early and forgot to have your coffee. LOL!

    I have to agree with Tex, the second shot is a really great perspective.

    What I want to know is; did you take a towel with you and polish the bean before you took your shots? LOL

  3. Super Shots! Cool as can be !

  4. What a unique sculpture, nice group of pictures! I have to agree with Tex and Ron on the second picture.

    I wonder who has the job of keeping this thing polished? Can you imagine coming to work every day and how frustrating all the finger prints would be... Drive a person crazy!


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