Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunrise Over Kauai.


  1. I love that top shot. The colors are great and you caught the sun just peeking over the rock with the starburst effect. Whre you in the water for this one or did you zoom from the dry shore?

    1. Yes, I was in the water, and I think the camera about a foot above the water. I can't do alot of zooming when I shoot with 17-35mm. When you shoot something like this, make sure look at the surf for few minutes before you setup your camera, and protect your gear against the water sprays.

  2. Awesome shots Q!!! dang I wish I would have known you were here, cuz I just wanna learn,learn,learn from you!!

  3. Risky shooting so close to the moving water but well worth it, love that first picture! Great colors in the bottom picture too.


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