Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bright White

Snowcap Shasta Daisy

The Daisies are doing especially well this growing season.

Margarita Snowcap Shasta

This perennial also is known by the name above. Kind of has a nice ring to it around about five o'clock in the evening!

Loving The Sun

Not only does the daisy provide beauty to the yard, it also attracts butterflies in their season. The Big plus for me is it is a long blooming plant which puts out color all summer and fall! Just plant it where it gets six hours or more of full sun a day; give it a little water now and then and it will do the rest. This plant is in it's third year and seems well established. Got to like those perennials!

I see it's after five so maybe a visit to the agave plants would be in order. Wonder if they are perennial?  


  1. LOL on the agave! :)

    love these daisies! i should plant some around here. lord knows, we get a ton of sun!

  2. Nice pictures, very healthy looking Daisies!

    I've seen enough pictures of your back yard from various posts over the years, looks like you've created a colorful and comfortable oasis. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thanks! Give all the credit to Charlotte. With us taking care of her dad and having to stay home a lot, this little backyard Oasis has been a blessing! Camera would not get much use if I didn't have the yard with all it's photo opportunities!

  3. Those are some pretty flowers.

  4. You're backyard is beautiful but I sense it is a lot of work keeping the weeds out. I guess it's a good thing you're retired!

    1. Thanks Ron. We think the works worth it. Charlotte does the most of it. Being Free from working and running a business is a joy! Do it as soon as possible!


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