Saturday, July 20, 2013

Totally Busted!

My step-son Jake and I set out to get some Eagle pictures on a beach where you regularly see Eagles. First we setup his GoPro and then put out some salmon in front of the GoPro. Then we waited, me up in the logs with the Sigma 120-400 on my camera and Jake with the remote control for his GoPro. And waited, and waited...

Finally this Raven comes over, very timid at first, totally ignores the salmon and eventually works up the courage to checkout the GoPro! Who says birds are dumb!

Still no Eagles! Eventually Jake goes out and gets the GoPro and we pack up our gear, I take the big lens off my camera and we head up the beach to the truck. Sure enough then the Eagles show up!

I did manage a few Eagle pictures from allot further away than I wanted and with the wrong lens... Oh well, just have to try again another day I guess!


  1. That's pretty funny. Sounds like the way it usually happens with me. Not with eagls of course, but anything else.

    I like the first flying shot a lot. You can't tell you were using the "wrong" lens.

  2. made me chuckle, but i'd have been thrilled with the photos you got!

  3. That's always how it seem to work for Ron and I. LOL. I do like the eagle shots though they did turn out great!


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