Sunday, April 22, 2012

The difference in kids

As your kids get older they tend to do silly things all on their own! LOL Photo of Aaron taken by my daughter who I affectionately call "Gomer". We were at the ranch yesterday and Aaron and Gomer decided to see what kind of fish were in the ponds. They caught 16 all together ranging from the small "I should kiss this fish" to the larger "dinner on the table" type fish.


  1. Funny picture! LOL

    Very cool that you have fish in your ponds, right at your doorstep almost!

  2. Fantastic portrait! Sorry Ron it has taken me so long to reply... I am just now trying to get caught up with March comments.

  3. Bet there will be some nice memories made around that pond! I'm like Paul, Funny pic!

  4. Sushi time! First I thought it was you 5 years ago. Not!!! LOL.


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