Sunday, April 1, 2012

You might be a tourist if...

Need I say more? LOL

We were out driving around one day and decided to head for the Florida state line (it was only a few miles away) to take a look at what was there. As we were coming up on the state line sign I saw this group of tourists getting their obligatory "we were there" photo. I didn't really expect this photo to come out becuase the car was moving, I shot through the windshield and didn't have time to change any of the settings on the camera. I have to say the autofocus did a great job!


  1. Windshield photography is very important in 'On The Fly Shooting'. Cover alot of ground that way. Autofocus and a clean windshield, very important!LOL

  2. Big campaign over here on the West Coast against texting and driving... Haven't heard a thing about not taking pictures while driving though. LOL

    This came out real good, if you had said you were using a tripod on solid ground for this shot I would have believed you!

  3. That is something I would do.

  4. LOL...I agree with you: that photo...with the car moving...I do not believe It turned to be a good one!

    Glad to find you blog

    Greetings From Portugal Sorry my lousy English


  5. Hey, it's an Asian thing you know!


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