Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hailstorm in Dallas.

This is during the Hailstorm, as you can see the hails going side way.

As you already have heard about the Tornado in Dallas area yesterday.  We didn't get any Tornado touchdown in my area, but we got some of the hails that I have never seen this big in my area before.  The damage is terrible to all the cars that park outside on my street, and I just had my new roof replaced about 3 months ago.  For the past 22 years I have live in this house, we usually have a hailstorm once every 3-4 years.  I think it's time to move to Hawaii.


  1. Holly molly! That sucks! The insurance companies aren't going to be happy at all!

    The best thing that can be said for that is you didn't have the tornado. I'm glad you and your family are safe.

  2. Not a pretty sight! I just thank goodness that you and your family was not affected or harmed by the tornados that were in your area!

  3. :-O...oh, they are so Tennis-balls....

    I am sorry for you, it's horrible

  4. I've heard of this on the news.

  5. I've seen some of the video images from the Dallas area, Mother Nature is very powerful!

    Glad you and your family were not in any of the worst effected areas. Still judging by your pictures you couldn't have been very far away!

  6. That is scary! Great shots though. Glad you are safe. =)


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