Friday, April 13, 2012

Everybody has a Nikon!

When we went to the Old Lahaina Luau I ran into this photographer taking photos to sell to the tourists. In talking to her she had said that she worked for a company that supplied her equipment and set up her "gigs" for her.

The next day we went to the spa for a massage and the same girl was working the counter at the spa! We spent some time talking to her and she said she had three different jobs she worked, the third job was teaching people how to make leis at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel. When we told her we were thinking about moving to Maui she assured me that I could get a job as a photographer at a specific resort she new was looking for one. Hmmmm...

The only other thing I was thinking is that I don't want to have to work three jobs just to live in Hawaii!

Just a random ocean shot along the coast of Maui. Look Paul, palm trees! LOL


  1. Working three jobs to live anywhere would not leave much time for fun! Nice shot of the photographer!

  2. well....gas on Molokai was $5.49 per gallon yesterday, so you might have to look for a least 1 part time job. Don't mess with the little old man's turf who makes leis down where the ferries dock :) LOL
    there is a price for living in paradise!!!

  3. Welcome back Val! I guess you got your computer problem fixed?

    Yes, living in Hawaii is a tad more expensive than other places but you're not driving as far! LOL

  4. well sorta, seems to be taking a long time to post!! I will send you an email after our meeting with da tax man :(
    One thing I learned from living on Molokai is that you really can do WITHOUT a lot of stuff. You just buy want you need and not spend on the frills!
    Living in Hawaii was a great life lesson. You learn what is really important in your life. So if you need lots of "things" Hawaii is not the place for you. Think you and your wife will fit in just great--plus you have all those cool Hawaiian shirts to wear!! Later...

  5. Any of the information I've come across to do with relocating to any of the Hawaiian Islands says the same thing as Val... Many sacrifices to be made to live on the islands but they also go on to say that most people agree that it was well worth the sacrifices! Another pattern I'm seeing is that many of the people who move to the islands only live there for a few years before going back to the mainland. So many things to consider when thinking about moving to Hawaii.

  6. yeah - 3 jobs and you wouldn't have much time to ENJOY living in hawaii!

  7. wonderful shots. I really like the first one! Happy Friday the 13th. =)

  8. Friday the 13th?? Holy crap! LOL

  9. I have to agree. I wouldn't want to work three jobs in order to live somewhere. When would I have time to enjoy the place? Well unless the jobs were only a few hours a week each and if I was able to meet really great and fascinating people and if I really found the jobs to be fun and if they paid well. So....

  10. Paul, You are correct...
    One of the biggest reasons folks move back to the mainland is to be closer to family. That is why we moved back, hubby's father is in poor health so we needed to closer logistically.
    I would move back to Molokai in a heartbeat...taking my camera, laptop, couple t's and shorts,swimsuit, a sun dress and slippers!!
    That aloha spirit gets into your blood. I miss it.

  11. I guess I'm just weird, I would move to the islands to GET AWAY from the family! LOL

  12. Ron, one advantage to living in Hawaii is that you would likely have lots of family wanting to come and visit you! LOL

    You've managed to stir up quite a lively discussion on the merits and pitfalls of living in Hawaii!

    Val, like Ron and Cheryl my wife and I have and are still giving much consideration to the idea of either moving to Oahu or purchasing a small place and spending part of each year there. I've even gone to the trouble of getting trade certification there for the water and wastewater industry which is my main profession. At one point several years ago I almost took on a water works job for a subdivision on Molokai but the timing wasn't quite right for us just then.


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