Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sly Smile

I like to think of this as a sly smile. Everytime I tried to capture a close up of her face, her eyes were closed!
     Not for sure what or whom she was portraying but liked her colorful costume and the fact that she could walk around on stilts disguised as tree stumps! And she had a beautiful smile as well!

This Lady of the Forest and friend to the Flowers was a big hit to the younger guys who seemed to flock around her smelling the flowers . The crafty little Bird House on her side collected many dollars for the privilege of being photgraphed standing next to her! No dollars were spent on my part; might have a part on only getting a Sly Smile!

Medieval Faces


  1. what a gig! if you can get it! :)

  2. She looks like she is enjoying every minute of the attention.

  3. She looks like a ray of sunshine.

  4. Clearly this young lady is an "Ent" or "Guardian of the trees" as put forth in JRR Tolken's Lord of the Rings series.

    Certainly a pretty "Ent" by any standard, I can see why the young fellows would be drawn to her! LOL

  5. Maybe she just has a natural squint and her eyes are always like that. LOL

    Nice shots and lots of color.

  6. Paul,
    Thanks for the ID of the "Ent". I need to read that series of books. The G-Kids have the books and even the movies. So no excuse for me not knowing who the "Guardian of the Trees" is! I thought she was a neat character!

  7. She is a very neat character and pretty. I think the first picture is amazing. It caught my attention right away. A beautiful smile always helps. ;)


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