Friday, April 13, 2012


Found this Kitty Katt roaming in the vendor area.

Dresses for the fair and not so fair ladies!

I would think many hours of sewing was put into this fancy dress. It looked heavy as did many of the other dresses the Ladys wore. And we were having 90 degree temps this day!

Medieval Faces


  1. That's one ugly cat! LOL

    As always, you are doing a great job of bringing us into the area where you were. I've never been to a reneassance festival before and I can't say that I've had any real urge to go but you have put up some pretty interesting stuff. I might have to change my mind one of these days.

  2. i would not have survived the fashion in those days...

  3. Here kitty kitty kitty...

    I agree with Ron, after seeing all the festive pictures you've presented so far from this Medieval Fair I will be keeping my eyes open for one should it happen anywhere nearby. Obviously many photo opportunities at a fair like this!

  4. Hmmm...that cat lady looks a little spooky! It's hard to imagine people actually wearing those massive dresses in the heat. But Parker, I want to thank you immensely for taking pictures of dresses and showing them. So often, women's historical clothing is overshown by all the metal creations of the time.

  5. Levonne,
    She was actually just a little kitty.
    You are more than welcome. In my photography work I see interesting subjects which I feel people of any gender will enjoy! Stay tuned, we might see a Lady or two, actually wearing some of the colorful garments! Also we will see metal and iron! The eye of my camera sees many things!

  6. That looks like one heavy dress in the last shot.


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