Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunset on Lana'i

We were sitting in Bubba Gump's in Lahaina having dinner one night and I took this photo from our table while waiting for the food. That's one thing I will say for a lot of the restaurants on Maui, you do have tables with a view.


  1. Nice Sunset looking across the Bay. The view from Bubba's is quite impressive!
    'Bubba Gump', one of my favorite movies!

  2. Not a bad shrimp restaurant either!

  3. wow - caught those rays just perfectly!

  4. I can almost feel the warm trade breezes and hear the tropical sounds...
    Ron you're going to have to stop posting all this beautiful Hawaii stuff! LOL

  5. Thanks Paul but they are the only photos I have right now. I need to get out and take some more, maybe another trip to Hawaii is in order! LOL

  6. Paul, I haven't seen much of your Hawaii pictures from your last trip. Did you forgot to take out from your camera?

    Ron, Nice post man!


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