Sunday, April 15, 2012

UFO's & Aliens?

Nah, just lights hanging in a hotel and a strange tropical plant found on the windward side of Maui.

I made some adjustments in the RAW converter on the first photo to completely black out the background so just the lights would show. Don't ask me why but I thought the lights were interesting when I saw them and even more interesting with no background. Maybe one too many mai tais? LOL


  1. Mai tais or not? They remind me of the Hot Air Balloons in a night sky. Great pic!

  2. Well done on the top photo!

    I've seen the plant in the bottom photo or one similar, but I don't recall seeing a flower like this on any of them. Nice capture!

    I hear it got a little windy down your way last night... Hope everyone came through that fine.

  3. Thanks Paul! Everyone here is fine. We had lots of wind but the tornados all stayed way to the west of us.

    We were at the "ranch" yesterday doing so cleaning up outside and I had my cameras with me just in case the clouds got "funky" but they didn't. Probably a good thing anyway! LOL

  4. Love both of the shots. That plant is amazing.


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