Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interesting gates

While looking through pictures from the latest visit to Oahu I noticed that I had taken several pictures of gates (of all things)... Really quite beautiful and functional works of art actually!


  1. You and my wife! LOL. I don't know how many times Cheryl wanted me to stop and take pictures of gates and entry ways.

    These are some pretty nice gates though!

  2. Very modern gates in an urban setting. Designs and colors are very artistic. Spruces up the neighborhoods!

  3. if you were a link-up sort of person, these would be great for Friday's Fences at

    just sayin! :)

  4. Nice capture! This is very popular style in Hawaii. I also saw some of these gates in Kauai, but it has a big price tag on them too.


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