Thursday, April 26, 2012


Lively music with a fast tempo drew me to where these Gypsy Girls were dancing for the enjoyment of the crowd.

Swirling skirts and scarves and colorful Bohemian costumes were their attire! Barefooted, they danced on beautiful rugs for their stage. Poised and graceful, the Gypsy Dancers worked their magic on the crowd, drawing lots of applause. And I must say , it was well deserved!

Medieval Faces


Hope everyone enjoyed the FAIRE.
Have a few pics left that I might show down the road.
Thanks for reading and the comments!


  1. love the skirt mid-swirl in the 2nd shot. :)

  2. What? No Belly Dancers??? LOL

    This has been another great series from you Parker. A little story telling, some history, great photos and even a Mad Comic character! LOL

  3. LOL! Ron I liked that Plague Doctor also. Thanks to Paul for figuring out a couple of the characters!

  4. I really love these. Great pictures! I love all the colors of the gypsy wear. So cool how you captured the swirling skirt!! This place most have been really something. A lively atmosphere for sure. =)

  5. Great closing photos for your latest series!

    Thanks again Parker.

    Now Im thinking to myself, where is Parker going to go next? What surprises will he come up with for his next series? LOL

  6. I have been enjoyed of your Medieval pictures like always! There's something that I need to work on is that apply a story on all of my pictures. Most of the time, I just concentrated on object, and ignore the reason of that object being there. Man! photography is tough.

    1. Yes, but you make it look so easy Q.

    2. AH! 'Q'. Just keep on taking those wonderful photos! The rest of us seems to always have plenty of questions, to which you always have good answers!

  7. Love the fluttering skirt! Bet the music was terrific!


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