Monday, April 16, 2012


Around 2 o'clock during the heat of the day, these fully dressed participants assembeld and began a march to see the King! The Lady dressed in Purple with the crown, along with her entourage led the way.
  All the costumes and faces have more interest in Full Screen!

The costumes of the Ladies and Gents, although very heavy looking, were colorful and fun to take pics of! All the players never complained and took the heat in stride.
     If viewing in full screen check out the young girl carrying the double edge weapon. Her right eye sizing up the picture taker is intense!

Thought maybe the guy dressed in yellow and blue might be the Court Jester!

Highly dressed Maidens!

A more serious lot of actors in all their finery would be hard to find!


  1. i'm hot and tired just looking at them.

  2. I see what you mean about the gal with the double edged cleaver, serious evil eye! LOL

    Some very detailed costumes and dedicated roll players in your pictures to be sure. Nice shooting!

  3. I'm admired of these actors, and actress. Also, the man behind the lens. Good work!

  4. I don't know...

    A full hood in the heat of the day and giving you the evil eye, didn't I see here picture in the post office? LOL

    It's probably a good thing the "ax" was plastic or you might have been in trouble!

    Another nice series of photos and you're right, lots and lots of color! They do seemed dedicated to the show.

  5. I bet they really get into character. Great colors.


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