Sunday, April 29, 2012


Slam Dunk!

The long standing annual Oklahoma City Arts Festival had it's run this past week. A Rite of Spring for the Folks in these parts and beyond! Artists from about every corner of these United States and even some Street Performers from Australia were seen!

Kinetic Art, Powered by the Wind

The beautiful Myriad Gardens with it's seventeen acres of land in the heart of the Buisness District, played host to this event. The new Devon Tower with it's fifty stories, witnessed the event for it's first time!

Live entertainment was continuous at four different locations on the grounds!

Wind Powered

This Premier event was taken in Tuesday and Friday of last week. I tried to focus in on the colorful and unusual works that caught my eye. These scenes pictured above are kind of bland to some that will follow!

If you can, Full Screen viewing seems to be the Best!



  1. What awesome pieces of art. I love the Dunk.

  2. loving those sculptures / wind machines!

  3. Oh good another series! I didn't have to wait long to see what you would come up with next.

    That's quite the kinetic wind sculpture! I suspect that there would be city by-laws about having something like that in ones front yard... LOL

  4. That is one wierd bird!! LOL

    This looks like it will be another great series. I can't wait to see what else you found at the festival that will make these photos look "bland".

  5. It's a great post for NBA playoff! It was a great game last night, and I hope OK. team go to the final. Go Mav!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don't know 'Q', OKC Thunder is up by two.
      Can't wait for Thursday night and game 3 !
      Go Thunder!!!!!!!!

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  7. One thing is for certain: I'm not driving by OKC next...I'm stopping in and checking out the art. Great photos.


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