Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oklahoma Land Runs

Five land runs, one lottery and an auction, between 1889 to 1895 was needed to dispose of the unassigned lands of Oklahoma Territory.

After the Runs, Indian Territory in the Eastern section and Oklahoma Territory in the Western part of what now is Oklahoma finally joined together and petitioned Congress to become a State. November 16, 1907, we became the 46th State in the Union!

Two wheeled racing sulkies were actually used in the run.

We greatly enjoyed getting out and about for the day to see a little part of OKC. Photo opportunities were many! Lighting was not the most favorable but I worked with what I had. I have several other pics from this shoot and will show some at later times as individual shots. Thanks for all the nice comments that were generously given as we walked and boated and tried to show snapshot views from this slice of the Capitol City!

Out and About
part 12 and last of series


  1. a pretty impressive sculpture grouping!

  2. Thank you Parker for another excellent series! As always great pictures and commentary to go with.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for next series of photographs.

  3. Another great series of photos and some history too. I didn't know there were 5 landruns and I'm from Oklahoma!

    Nice job Parker!

  4. Thanks for sharing these sculptures! I will make sure to visit this place when I'm in your area.

  5. I will have to visit this place someday. I love all these statues and I love the history behind it. Thanks for sharing.


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