Monday, April 23, 2012

Faces of the Hunters

Great Horned Owl

I am told that Falconry in Medieval Days was reserved for the ruling class. A few centuries later we all know that was a myth. But to stay in character of the Renaissance times, this was fact for the trainers and handlers who kept the birds for the enjoyment of the elite. The trust and bonds of these winged Hunters lay with their peasant caretakers then, as well as their most appreciative and abler handlers of today.

This Big Guy was a rescued Owl that couldn't be released back to the wild, but seemed to enjoy his role as  one of the larger Birds of Prey!

American Kestrel

Now we have the face of  one of the smallest Hunters. Sometimes called a Sparrow Hawk, this Robin sized Falcon likes to eat on insects and tiny mammals. A few years ago I actually seen one of these capturing grasshoppers, a more than adaquate Hunter!

Medieval Faces


  1. raptors are fascinating and beautiful, no matter what the size. :)

  2. Very nice find Parker, sure are interesting to see in this setting!

    Indeed the Owl does appear to be enjoying his role.

  3. The owl seems to be giving you the evil eye. Maybe he did't like the autofocus. LOL

    Nice shots!

  4. WOW! Seeing this Kestrel, it really make me take out my camera, and chasing them. You are right, these are the hunter, and they are fast. It's a dream to shoot one of these birds in action. Good post Parker!

  5. Wow I bet they were amazing to look at! Especially up close and personal. Beautiful birds. =)


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