Sunday, July 1, 2012


The Hawaiian name is pronounced as ah-wah-poo-hee or Shampoo Ginger. This falls in line with some of Parker's medicinal plants. It was used in various forms to treat problems like a toothache or indegestion and they even made a paste with it and the Noni fruit to treat severe sprains.

They would also use the leaves of the plants to add flavor to meats.

The Hawaiians would use the "fragrant, slimy juice juice" from the flower as a shampoo, hence the name, shampoo ginger. They also used to drink the slimy juice when they were thirsty. I don't think you can do that with today's shampoos. LOL


  1. Beautiful and useful - just like a good man. :)

  2. Love TexWisGirl's comment. She's right on! The bloom is beautiful but I wonder how effective all those home remedies were?!

  3. Fine looking bloom and the story is interesting. Like seeing and reading about medicinal plants from different areas. Seems every plant has a purpose! Resourceful folks-our ancestors were!

  4. interesting information as well as flower. Thanks.


  5. Interesting the many uses of this "Shampoo Ginger". Sounds like quite a useful plant to the native Hawaiians.

    I can't help but wonder just how much practical knowledge and general knowhow has been lost in this day and age with all it's modern conveniences...

    1. I would agree. It would seem everyone is out trying to take bobble-head photos of themselves instead of learning the old ways. LOL

  6. Wonderful portrait of this outstanding specimen!


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