Sunday, July 8, 2012

Learning from the Master

Q and his two sons came up to spend a few days in the hot Kansas weather and while here he was gracious enough to give me a few photography lessons. Now keep in mind that learning from the Master means the Master stands in the shade while the grasshopper is out in the hot sun taking photos. LOL It wasn't really that bad, besides, Q cooked dinner both nights he was here so I can't complain too much!

This shot was taken in an old home located on our property. As you can see Q wanted a model in the picture but the best he could do at the time was me. The photo was taken by Q with my Nikon D700 and Nikon 17-35mm lens and was shot as five bracketed shots and then processed as an HDR image in Nik software.

That's something else Q did while he was here, he gave me lessons on the new Nik Software and I was so impressed with the software I bought my own complete set the day he left. Now all I have to do is remember everything he showed me. I never knew that taking photos was so hard!


  1. Photo lessons from Q, new NIK software... If the above photo is any indication of what Q was showing you then there will be no stopping you now! Nice photo by the way Q!

    1. The good news is the lessons were flowing constantly. So much so that I might forget one or two things before it's all said and done. We shot during the day and at night and he even let me use his Nikon 200-400 f4 lens.

      The bad news is I now have a new list of lenses and other accesories I want, no, NEED to buy! LOL Using his 200-400mm lens on his gimbal head was a real joy. Once the camera is balanced you're moving it with just the slightest touch. I think Q's visit is eventually going to cost me about $7000! And yes, I am going to blame it on Q! LOL

      I am extremely impressed with the Nik software. It's very intuitive and easy to use and as far as HDR images are concerned, it has to be the easiest way to make them. Hopefully there will be more to come. I had never shot any bracketed photos before, Q had to show me how to set up the D700 to do what I needed and now that I have the Nik HDR software so my brain doesn't hurt when working with the images I may be trying more of this on certain subjects.

      And you thought the flower books were bad! LOL

    2. You can blame it on me! I hope Cheryl doesn't hate me for that. LOL. We had fun at Ron & Cheryl property, my kids couldn't stops talking the good time on this trip. The property is truly a paradise, but I didn't planning the weather accordingly to do exploring more of the ranch. Beside Cheryl pineapple upside down cake, this man can bake an awesome banana bread. Thank you for your generous hospitalities.
      By the way, did anyone got sick from my cooking?

    3. You're always welcome her Q and Cheryl will get over me buying the new equipment as long as I don't tell her how much it is! LOL

      Everybody loved your food. Brittany and Aaron were hoping you had left overs of the sushi, except for the wasabi one! LOL

      I'll work on perfecting my Poke recipe for this fall.

  2. Man o man! Private photo lessons and a personal Chef!
    Bet you guys had a big time!
    New software and a long gear list. Bites by the photo bug are expensive!LOL
    HDR image captured by Q shows Grasshopper in deep thought about lessons!LOL

    1. You too can be a grasshopper. We are planning a trip to Camp Doris this fall, probably sometime in October. You'll be ready for a trip by then won't you?

    2. I sure hope so. Seems like something is always coming up lately to keep me from getting away! And I'm the guy thats supposed to have all the time off he needs!lol

  3. Beautiful shot. It's a keeper!


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