Sunday, July 22, 2012


Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do....

OK boys and girls (especially you Q), I have a conundrum for you. This photo showed up in the group of photos I took yesterday while on the train tracks. Normally I would say I moved the camera and that's what caused the wierd lights however,

I will point out the tracks and the train's light, these are straight and exactly like they are in the other photos. Also, this shot was part of a bracketed group, shot 3 out of 5 and was taken using a tripod (yea, I can't believe it either) and a remote shutter release so there wasn't any movement of the camera and the other four exposures came out just fine without any wierd lights.

Any ideas?? Did I get swarmed by some very colorful phantoms of the night? LOL


  1. Couldn't tell you what might have caused this but I sure like the way it came out!

  2. The result is artful and down right fascinating!

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    1. Damn! I thought I caught some ghosts! LOL

      I knew you would probably know why this happened. The bracketing is set like you had it going under to over. These were shot at f11 and the timing on shot three was four seconds and yes, it was at 0EV.

    2. This is a great effect by a hardware malfunction.
      First, What was your f stop, I need you to verify the bracket shot order from the menu sets from "under to over". I already change it for you, and this should not be change back to the default setting by the camera.
      Second, if the setting are from under to over, so the shot #3 should be at 0EV, and I think this effects cause by the camera trying to focus while the shutter opened.
      The question is why other 4 shots came out good! I think your shutter release cord wasn't connected all the way, and it got loose on the shot #3 or there's a glitch in the camera. If you see effects again during BKT, I think you should try without the cable release, and do two buttons reset.

    3. After I have spent more time on this picture, it seems to me the effects cause by movements from side to side. It may have caused by your tripod head drifting during shot #3. Also, did you have a flashlight on during this shot? I could not explain how the pink line on top of the picture.

    4. Q, So I did capture a ghost! LOL

      No flashlight on this shot. It was light enough that I could see what I was doing.

  4. Ghost trails for sure! I would like to be able to create this effect on purpose!


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